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About us

We are a well-established, local and experienced Team who specialise in supporting families in resolving various levels of conflict impacting negatively on their relationships and limiting children's access to their parents/ grandparents/ siblings. We promote and nurture healthy, safe and lifelong family relationships. Our team has local knowledge, specialist training and a proven track record in working with conflict, separation, mental health issues and drug and alcohol misuse. As well as a thorough understanding of the distress and challenges that separation can cause.​Adjusting to big changes, such as establishing and agreeing to a new co-parenting routine and prioritising the needs of the child/children can be overwhelming especially where communication is fragile due to underlying or established conflict. ​The team have been together specialising in separation and the impact it has on families for over 7 years, we were originally employed by the charity Families' House and more recently moved to Break Charity and from there we have now evolved into a Community Interest Company.

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