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Welcome to Parenting Apart Centre East

At Parenting Apart Centre East we provide high-quality services by an experienced, specialist, and locally established team.  Our services are

child-centred and interventions are embedded in a therapeutic approach. Our ethos is to appropriately and safely resolve varying levels of conflict impacting negatively on family relationships which are integral to a child’s wellbeing and healthy development, nurturing and promoting positive lifelong relationships between children, their parents and extended family.

Who We Are

What we can do for children

What we can do for parents/carers/


Where we deliver



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Who We Are

We are a well-established, local and experienced Team who specialise in supporting families in resolving various levels of conflict impacting negatively on their relationships and limiting children's access to their parents/ grandparents/ siblings. We promote and nurture healthy, safe and lifelong family relationships.

Father & Daughter
who we are

What We Can Do For Your Children

We provide a child friendly, welcoming and stimulating environment. We foster a neutral environment of trust and safety where children are able to relax and spend time re-connecting with a parent or other family members without the burden and distraction of family conflict. 

The child is at the centre of our ethos and we work in a sensitive manner at the child’s pace. Once the referral has been risk assessed as appropriate for contact a primary Family Practitioner will be allocated. This Family Practitioner will support the child and their individual needs throughout the process.  A preparation session will be arranged prior to the first contact, unless this has been specified as not required by a professional.  Preparation sessions are for the child to meet their Family Practitioner, for the practitioner to understand, (age appropriately), the child’s feelings and expectations towards the contact and talk about ways to support them, to discover what they would like to play with or do in the session and for them to familiarise themselves with the venue they are attending.  After each session feedback will be given to both parents/carers, if required through an observational report and ongoing communication via phone or email.  If a Family Practitioner has concerns about a child’s welfare or they are deemed to be at risk of harm, the Family Practitioner or Manager will intervene to safeguard the child and the risk assessment will be reviewed which may lead to contact stopping.  We also may be required to report our concerns to Children’s Advice and Duty Service.

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What we can do for parents/carers/


Some parents find it very difficult to agree to share their children's time with their ex-partner or extended family members. There may be many reasons for this and it may be that PACE's services are able to help facilitate a solution. PACE provides bespoke services which are child-centred, and therapeutic in approach.

We have a NACC enhanced accreditation, we accept self and professional referrals across the Eastern region. Our contact centres are in Norwich and Great Yarmouth, but we aim to provide services near to a child’s location, where safe and appropriate, and deliver in different venues around the region.

Arrivals and departures

We recognise that there are times when parents have ongoing difficulties and feel unsafe having direct contact with each other, therefore we offer 15 minute time slots for arrival and departure to avoid parents having to meet each other if they do not wish to.  This is included in the session time.


If any parent is unable to attend the contact and cancel on the day of contact, the session will not be refunded. At the Manager’s discretion if there is a cancellation less than 48 hours prior to contact , it may be that the session can be re-booked. Cancellation within 48hours will not incur any charges.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Norwich Contact Centre

Diamond House, Vulcan Road Norwich Norfolk NR6  6AQ

Great Yarmouth Contact Centre

Mill Lane

Community Centre

The Playing Fields

Mill Lane Bradwell,

Great Yarmouth

NR31 8HS

Where We Deliver

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